Regardless of what service is appropriate for you, we value time with our clients. No session is less than 60 minutes. This allows for more efficient work and eliminates guessing.

Manual Therapy

When pain is present, movement is altered. Training through or around pain only creates further compensation. During these therapy sessions, the source of pain will be identified and treated using manual therapy, a functional diagnosis will be given, and a plan of action will be created.

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Physical Preparedness Coaching

Physical Preparedness Coaching sessions bridge the gap between clinical therapy and Physical Capacity Coaching. Fundamental human movement is the foundation for which sport specific and performance movement is built. The primary focus in Physical Preparedness Coaching is to ensure quality of fundamental human movement is present. These sessions will ensure your body is prepared to handle the stresses that come with developing physical capacity.

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Physical Capacity Coaching

Having quality fundamental human movement is not enough for athletes that push their body’s capacity to the limits. Physical Capacity Coaching focuses on quantity and aims to develop your maximal physical capacity. We want to know in the final minutes or laps you will have what it takes to finish first.

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Web-Based Coaching

Let us help you achieve your goals by coaching you online (via Skype or Facetime) and by sending you individualized programs via our video-based app ( All web-based coaching starts with an in-person consultation where a plan and goals are developed.  Online meetings are scheduled each month to progress and update programs.

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High Performance Athlete Consultation

We consult with professional and amateur athletes, their agents, and their organizations. Our primary focus is building athletes that will maximize their earnings and provide the best possible return on investment.

Consultations can be arranged at your location or at one of ours.

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Athlete Sponsor Program

If you are an amateur athlete in a provincial or national program, please contact us to see how we can help.